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Validating the Control of Cross-Contamination in High-pressure Washers and Fungicide Flooders

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Principal Investigator:

Steven Pao

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

California State University, Fresno


  • Amanda Lathrop
  • Charlene Jewell


  • Arno Erasmus
  • Fanny Au
  • Cassidi Williams
  • Elena Jimenez

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Estimated Duration:

1 year(s)

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The industry will receive an example methodology that shows how to validate the control of cross-contamination in recirculated high-pressure washers and fungicide flooders during citrus packing operations. Subsequently, the report will be published in a scientific journal as an evidence to meet audit and/or regulatory requirements. The approach reported by this study has the potential to be used in food safety training for implementing control measures in packing facilities. The project also builds a local, California-based research team to help strengthening California citrus industry’s knowledge and capacity in addressing emerging food safety challenges.

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