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Spray Drift Study in Citrus to Support Orchard and Vineyard Airblast Drift Modeling Effort

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Principal Investigator:

Peter Larbi

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University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources




  • Greg Douhan

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Estimated Duration:

1 year(s)

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This proposal is seeking support for data collection specifically in California citrus applications to support the model validation. The trials will follow the established EPA-approved protocol which was used in the Washington apple trials (2016-2019). The specific data to be generated are dye drift deposit amounts at different distances away from the application site for a typical sprayer setting, orchard, and weather condition used in the region where the experimental site is located. The data will be transmitted to the modeling team for use in refining model parameters specific to citrus. The citrus data can be modeled to represent different types and varieties of citrus. As the completed model will be made available in the near future for regulatory processes, the research will indirectly provide the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) with new citrus orchard data for purposes of estimating off-site movement for pesticide risk assessments and re-evaluations.

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