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RNAi-based targeting D. citri innate immunity as a way to help manage HLB

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Bryce Falk

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University of California, Davis




  • Yen-Wen Kuo

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3 year(s)

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Huanglongbing is currently the major threat to the U. S. citrus industry. Approaches to produce resistant citrus plants to the pathogen (CLas), or to the psyllid vector (Diaphorina citri) are being developed. Various approaches will be needed for long term management. RNA interference (RNAi) is a powerful strategy to target D. citri and there are more than one approach to induce the desired RNAi effects. Our contention is to target multiple microRNAs that are involved in D. citri innate immunity to eliminate the balance between D. citri and CLas and viruses that already naturally co-exist in the psyllid and could then cause strong negative effects or death of D. citri.