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Review of DPR’s Neonicotinoid Risk Assessment

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Barbara Petersen

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  • Jane Staveley


  • Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell

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1 year(s)

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Exponent’s scope of services will consist of an independent analysis of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s (DPR) California Neonicotinoid Risk Determination dated July 2018 (Risk Determination). Exponent’s analysis will include a literature review of the citrus-specific case studies used by DPR for the basis of its findings in the Risk Determination. Exponent will review the process by which DPR determined the citrus industry’s use of neonicotinoids (focusing on imidacloprid and thiamethoxan) specifically for citrus and its impact on bees. Since risk reviews rely on the most conservative estimates and not the actual practice by the citrus industry, the work conducted by Exponent will provide the scientific analysis to rebut the basis of DPR’s findings. Exponent will also explore solutions to potential mitigation that will allow citrus to continue using neonicotinoids.

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