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Refinement and application of greenhouse methods to evaluate scion and rootstock tolerance to CLas

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Principal Investigator:

Kim Bowman

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service


  • Mikeal Roose
  • Ute Albrecht



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Estimated Duration:

3 year(s)

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The project will standardize methods for greenhouse testing citrus scion and rootstock cultivars by inoculation with CLas and significantly improve comparability of results from evaluations done at different places. The project will improve knowledge about the CLas-tolerance of several specific scion and rootstock cultivars and how that varies when evaluated under similar conditions using a Florida CLas isolate for testing in Florida, and a California CLas isolate for testing in Riverside. The project will impact development of research solutions to HLB by improving understanding of what plant responses can be measured in the Riverside BSL-3P facility and other greenhouse facilities, and how well these responses can be used to predict field responses.

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