Our Research

Predicting the likelihood of ACP/HLB dispersal into California commercial citrus groves via scenario

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Principal Investigator:

Roger Magarey

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

North Carolina State University


  • Weiqi Luo
  • Drew Posny


  • Neil McRoberts
  • Earl Taylor

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Estimated Duration:

3 year(s)

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An online tool has been under development over the last several years using R’s Shiny platform that will allow users to conduct their own scenario-based simulations in any California citrus landscape. We provide several processed landscapes in Southern and Central California, and will incorporate additional citrus landscapes over time for ease-of-use in the online tool. We augment the user-friendly front-end interface by conducting additional scenario-based simulations, collaborating with, and supporting other CRB/CDFA/DATOC projects and analyses. We intend to continuously provide guidance (scenario construction, result interpretation and cost-effective location-based management strategies) and comprehensive technical support (maintain the online interface for user accessibility, optimal computational performance, and model flexibility to suit the needs of its users). The online tool will be accompanied with user manuals, training modules and other informative documentation including video instructions and walk-throughs for all users.

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