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Phase 2 of high-throughput sequencing as a CCPP routine diagnostic tool for variety introduction

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Principal Investigator:

Georgios Vidalakis

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

University of California, Riverside




  • Sohrab Bodaghi
  • Tyler Dang
  • Irene Lavagi-Craddock
  • Fatima Osman
  • Kitty Cardwell
  • Andres Espindola

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Estimated Duration:

4 year(s)

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This is phase 2 of implementation and regulatory approval of high-throughput sequencing (HTS) as a tool for routine diagnostics for the CCPP varieties introduction (1st phase 5300-179). The consensus in the scientific and regulatory community is that HTS will soon become the gold standard. In phase 1, we proved that HTS diagnostic can be specific, sensitive, and reproducible for 3 types of graft-transmissible citrus pathogen i.e. virus, viroid and bacteria. However, HTS as a routine diagnostic tool requires user-friendly interphases to analyze complex data. In phase 2 we will focus on the user-friendly EDNA platform to expand the citrus diagnostic libraries and start the regulatory approval process of the technology.

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