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Integrated Citrus Breeding and Evaluation for California

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Principal Investigator:

Tracy Kahn

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

University of California, Riverside


  • Mikeal Roose
  • Danelle Seymour
  • Glenn Wright
  • Peggy Mauk



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Estimated Duration:

10 year(s)

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The aim of the integrated breeding core program is to develop or identify and evaluate new citrus scion and rootstock cultivars suitable for California conditions. Potential new scion cultivars are developed by hybridization selection and by mutation inductions while new rootstocks are developed by hybridization. Commercial cultivars from outside of California, budsport selection and Citrus Variety Collection are additional sources of other potential new scion and rootstock cultivars. In light of the increasing Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) population, and number of huanglongbing (HLB) infected trees in CA, new citrus scion and rootstock varieties that improve disease resistance are a specific focus. Varieties are also evaluated for enhanced flavor, market needs and production efficiency, all vital considerations for the citrus industry. The core program also includes ongoing lemon trials across the state and work on the University of California, Riverside campus to evaluate nutritional management and to better incorporate commercial farming practices into breeding and evaluation trials.

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