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Independent-mobile RNA (iRNA) expression vector against HLB-Initiate operation "Lab 2 Farm"

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Principal Investigator:

Georgios Vidalakis

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

University of California, Riverside


  • Kari Debbink
  • Anne Simon
  • Daniel Nelson
  • Judith Brown



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Estimated Duration:

2 year(s)

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A promising tool for HLB management of infected trees and prevention of infection of healthy trees is using phloem-restricted virus vectors to produce small RNAs or peptides directly in the tissue colonized by CLas and fed on by ACP. Our team discovered a new species of plant associated RNA named independent-mobile RNA (iRNA). iRNA has the properties (e.g. small, easy to manipulate, phloem limited, high titer, no vector) to become an efficient expression vector to combat HLB and ACP. However, we do not want this to be “just another research project”. In this project we will build the team and initiate the 5 parallel tracks (iRNA vector, expressed products, consumer education, regulatory approval and commercialization) required for the long path to deliver a working tool to your hands in the process we call "Lab 2 Farm".

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