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Implementing a Resistance Monitoring Program for ACP in California Citrus

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Principal Investigator:

Frank Byrne

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University of California, Riverside




  • Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell
  • Monique Rivera
  • Enrico Ferro
  • Tom Roberts
  • Cressida Silvers
  • Dave Machlitt
  • Alan Washburn

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Estimated Duration:

2 year(s)

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The implementation of area-wide treatment programs is a recognition by the California citrus industry of the need for a concerted regional effort at ACP management. The success of these programs is predicated upon the use of insecticides that were selected based on industry-funded research that identified the most effective chemistries for use under California conditions. A sound resistance management program will help protect this grower investment by preserving the most effective products, and reducing the need to switch to more expensive or less preferred methods of control. Early detection of resistance through an effective bioassay monitoring effort will alert program managers to the need to modify the treatment strategy so that growers can maintain yield expectations and ensure sustainable production.