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Identification of Fruit Specific Founder Lines for RMCE gene stacking

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Principal Investigator:

James Thomson

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United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service




  • Roger Thilmony

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Estimated Duration:

3 year(s)

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Lilac Lime platform for future trait introduction. New Mexican Lime varieties have been developed with Blood Orange, early flowering and genome targeting (Thomson-RMCE) characteristics. We propose analysis of existing California-based Lilac Lime Founder Lines for the most desirable fruit-color patterns from the seven different types of Lilac Limes available. In addition, we will also examine how early flowering will affects vegetative growth, fruit timing/production and whether the lines are RMCE competent prior to field studies. Included with the RMCE research, the competent lilac limes will be made selection marker-free for potential commercialization.

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