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High performance California-derived CTV-based vectors for the control of HLB and other applications

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James Ng

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University of California, Riverside




  • Robert Krueger

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Estimated Duration:

3 year(s)

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A functional citrus tristeza virus (CTV)-based vector, T36-CA (v)ersion 1.0, made entirely from a California T36 strain is now available for validation. With the completion of the remaining objectives, the vector will soon be ready to be tested for biotechnological applications aimed at improving many aspects of citrus production. Above all, a vector capable of triggering RNA interference in the Asian citrus psyllid and expressing anti-microbial therapeutics against CandidatusLiberibacter asiaticus will contribute to the protection of citrus against HLB. We are looking forward to working on/collaborating in projects using this platform to generate multiple benefits for the citrus industry.

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