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Forecasting and Management of Septoria Spot of Citrus

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Principal Investigator:

James Adaskaveg

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

University of California, Riverside





Start Date:


Estimated Duration:

5 year(s)

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The impacts of this project are the continued development of management strategies for Septoria spot and maintaining Korea as a major export market for California citrus. Our research includes disease forecasting that provides the industry a risk assessment for Septoria spot for the application of field treatments and the development of new pre- and postharvest fungicides with different modes of action, some of which are exempt from tolerance in the U.S. These new fungicides will reduce the use of copper while maintaining or improving disease control with potentially only a single application in late fall or winter during low-rainfall years. The NAVEK certification program continues to fulfill the US-Korean international trade agreement. We are also integrating the Chinese trade agreement concerning Phytophthora syringae to harmonize and simplify grower requirements.

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