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Ensuring security and integrity of valuable breeding, research, and germplasm collections

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Peggy Mauk

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University of California, Riverside




  • Mikeal Roose
  • Timothy Gottwald
  • William Schneider
  • Monique Rivera
  • Wenbo Ma
  • Georgios Vidalakis
  • Tracy Kahn
  • MaryLou Polek

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3 year(s)

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The CRB/Industry has invested heavily in UC citrus programs, now threatened by HLB. Without technologies to eliminate HLB, it is critical to detect/remove HLB trees to eliminate inoculum. In 2019, surveys of ACP‐infested UCR (8% canine alerts) and uninfested LREC (0% alerts) validated EDTs including canine alerts. Future research will include: expanded surveys of citrus at UCR desert station; determine accuracy of canine detections where bactericides are used; if canines alert to infected leaf litter (explain alerts of adjacent trees); train canines for high beds, mulches, desert, etc. As EDTs evolve and we refine the use of the canines, this project will develop a systems approach including rapid subsampling on “suspect” trees using several methods with subsequent follow up via APHIS protocol and other primers.

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