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Engineering Citrus for HLB resistance using gene-editing technologies

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Principal Investigator:

Vivian Irish

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

Yale University





Start Date:


Estimated Duration:

2 year(s)

Completed Date:


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At the conclusion of this project, we will have generated 21 gene-edited lines for Limoneira and 21 gene-edited lines for Washington Navel. We have been in discussion with Mikeal Roose and Danelle Seymour (both at UC Riverside) regarding eventual testing of these lines at the Riverside BSL3 facility. Processes for reserving time and space for experimental testing at the BSL3 facility is still being developed. We will continue to work with Drs. Roose and Seymour regarding testing of the lines we will generate in this proposal, as well as lines that we are currently completing from our ongoing work (CRB project 5200-166).

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