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Development of mature budwood transformation technology

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Principal Investigator:

James Thomson

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United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service




  • Ed Stover
  • Eliezer S. Louzada
  • Mikeal Roose
  • Gitta Coaker

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Estimated Duration:

4 year(s)

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The lack of HLB resistance in major citrus scion types combined with the limited time frame for developing resistance has compelled industry interest in identifying transgenic solutions. The objective of this research is to develop requisite molecular tools for the efficient transformation of mature citrus cultivars with native citrus resistance genes when possible. Recombinase technology will be included allowing future gene stacking and marker gene removal for improved public perception. All research will now be conducted at the USDA in CA to avoid further delays in interstate transfer of transgenic citrus lines produced.

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