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Developing gene targeting systems for use in Citrus

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Principal Investigator:

Yannick Jacob

Principal Investigator Affiliation:

Yale University




  • Vivian Irish

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Estimated Duration:

2 year(s)

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The goal of the project is to establish efficient gene targeting systems in Citrus using CRISPR technology. The capability to perform gene targeting in Citrus is essential, as precision breeding of many useful traits in different Citrus cultivars requires specific insertions, deletions or changes at endogenous DNA sequences. While conventional CRISPR can be used to eliminate gene function, only gene targeting can create new functional gene variants. Being able to precisely modify genes in Citrus is needed if we want to engineer the complete spectrum of genetic changes required to combat diseases like HLB, and improve yield, fruit quality, and other traits of interest to Citrus growers.

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