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Citrus Undercover Production System (CUPS) for California

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Principal Investigator:

Phillippe Rolshausen

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University of California, Riverside





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Estimated Duration:

4 year(s)

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HLB is the most destructive citrus disease of all times. Since it was first discovered in Florida in 2005, the disease has resulted in a 50% decrease of acreage and citrus yield. HLB has also started affecting the citrus industry in Texas and its incidence has been rapidly increasing in California. The U.S. citrus industry cannot rely solely on insecticides or antibiotics sprays to manage HLB. Commercially available tolerant cultivars are years away from being released. CUPS offer a practical near-term solution for growers to sustain high production levels and maintain the longevity of new plantings under HLB disease pressure. This work will provide growers science-based guidelines on how to grow citrus under cover and offer the industry an analysis of the costs and benefits of CUPS under different disease scenarios.

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